Your leadership energy is like the flow of a river

In my book, Leadership Energy – Unlocking the Secrets to Your Success, I use the flow of a river to describe how energy works to assist our satisfaction in life, as well as in your role as a leader.  Here is an excerpt from the introduction chapter of my book.

When you recognize and utilize your bio-energy system, you add a new dimension of understanding yourself and becoming more confident and satisfied in life, career and in your role as a leader.

Think of your bio-energy system as a river of water throughout your body.  Picture the flow of water on a calm day.  Watch as the water flows easily and gently down the river.  Now look down the river. You will find a place where rocks change the flow of the water.  Does the water keep moving?  Yes, but not without turbulence.  The size and the number of the rocks impact the size and the amount of the turbulence.  Where the rocks come from does not matter; the fact that they exist is what creates the impact.

Flowing water is what we strive for in an open bio-energy system.  The rocks are like the emotions that build because of life situations and your own level of development.  If we learn to recognize the emotions early, then we can make the decisions necessary to keep the river flowing.  If we allow the rocks to build, then we create greater turbulence.

Now imagine that an ambitious beaver has built a dam across the river.  The water is backing up behind the dam.  Downstream from the dam, the water is significantly shallow with little to no water flow.  How long will the unbalanced water flow continue?  It depends on how long the dam can take the pressure from the blocked water flow.  It may last a long time or a short time.  When it can no longer take the pressure, the dam will break and the water flow will be uncertain.  Perhaps it will be slow and trickling, or it could cause floods.  If we are aware of the dam, we can control its opening and, thus, the flow of the water.

For some, the emotional impact of certain situations can create problems.  Or being too young and unable to articulate or understand the emotional impact will create blocked energies, just like the dam blocks the water in the river.  Awareness makes it possible to carefully and intentionally control the opening of these emotions and restore the flow of our energy.

Energy is similar to the river.  If we keep the river of energy calm and clear, it flows peacefully and effectively.  If we allow “rocks” to gather, there will be turbulence.  The size and amount of the turbulence will depend on the size of the energy blocks.  Or we can close down the energy flow by allowing our energies to become blocked.  Awareness of our biological signals that tell us our energy is blocked is the key to determining what outcomes we want and what strategies we’ll use to get there.

Where are your energy blocks?  What do you do to open and expand your energies for greater confidence, focus and results.


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