Why Am I Here?

“Listen for the call of your destiny, and when it comes, release your plans and follow.”  Mollie Marti

Purpose is one of those illusive things like intuition…..you know if when you see it, but it is hard to describe to others.  The best description I have found is from a program I recently participated in called Infinite Purpose by Liv Lane and Lori Portka.  Here is an excerpt from that course.


Have you ever lost something and spent a great deal of time and energy looking for it, in senseless and probable places, only to have it appear without explanation, right in the place where you insist you looked a thousand times?

Yes, of course. We have watched you do this, with tension and frustration escalating not only over trivial items such as clothing and keys, but in your attempts to uncover the very essence of who you are and why you came here. Like a dog chasing its tail; amusing to watch, perhaps, but disorienting to be the chaser and the chased all at once.

So, you are searching under chairs and inside closets for your purpose? Convinced it’s just around the corner and closer than you think? Have a seat, beloved. Cleanse your body and untangle your stories with a deep breath. And another. As many as you need. Please center yourself in preparation for the following truth.

If you are looking for your purpose, you will never find it. 

Another breath, please.

Purpose is the positive energetic undercurrent of a life well lived, fuel for the fire within you that asks not just “how can I help?”but, more deliberately, “how can my joy be a light?” 

Your purpose cannot be found, as if it were a treasure buried in the sand. To search for your purpose is like blowing hot air into a balloon full of holes. So much displaced energy that leaves you feeling deflated and depleted, beloved. Your reasons for being do not exist outside of you; you must allow them to rise up from within you. Let us show you how.

First, feel joy.

Second, deepen joy.

Third, use the source of that joy as the source of your service.

You may be shocked and befuddled by how simple it sounds. We ask that you refrain from complicating matters, questioning the validity of this and poking more holes in your proverbial balloon. Before you deem this too uncomplicated for a human being to bear, too good to be true, we invite you to breathe in the truth of the matter.

We understand the desire to know where you’re going and why you’re going there; you have been conditioned to only move forward with these answers in hand. But we ask you, as we have before, to have faith in the small steps that lead to the big picture you speak of.

It is imperative that you understand that your purpose is not a singular pursuit, achievement, or mission. To search for one accomplishment or passion that defines your worth in this world is to discount all of meaningful, influential, inspired experiences of your journey thus far. What if they, too, were aligned with your purpose?

You were born into this world already knowing what it was you intended to accomplish in this lifetime, even if it required struggle, confusion, frustration, and a sense of disorientation. You had confidence that those so-called hardships would not do you in but reveal what you must do in order to create more light. It is not that you do not know your purpose, but simply that you have forgotten it along the way, so much so that you may not even recognize it when you’re standing in it. Rather than call yourself incompetent, please call yourself incredible – for you are here, now, because of where you’ve been and because All of Creation believes in you. What you perceive as missteps are, in fact, divine distractions and scenic detours. The universe recalibrates with every choice you make, beloved, to ensure that the invitation into deeper Joy is always within your reach.


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