What is leadership energy?

The most recent changes in leadership development have focused on strengths and casting leaders into the roles that best fit their strengths.  Great strides were seen in leadership effectiveness, as well as a return in measureable results through this focus.

In my book. Leadership Energy – Unlocking the Secrets to Your Success, my focus is to add to the current expansion of knowledge, awareness, effectiveness, and results in the field of leadership.  My focus is to expand the strength-based thinking by adding bio-energy concepts to the strengths-based philosophy.

Bio-energy concepts may be new to many of you.  Let me provide a simplified context of bio-energy information.

Bio-energy is rooted in time tested eastern philosophies.  The foundation of this knowledge base is that as effective human beings, we need to be aware of the energy functioning in our bodies. This deck of knowledge has been researched and proven accurate over time.

What does this look like?  Our energy templates are influenced by emotional reactions to experiences in our world.  These emotional reactions become set in our physical bodies.  There are seven primary bio-energy templates in our bodies.  The templates become either open or closed depending on the situation, our age and sophistication of life development, and the emotions we experience.  If the bio-energy template is open, we create effective connections with others and ourselves.  We solve problems and are able to use our gifts to achieve our goals, both personally and professionally.  If the bio-energy template is closed, we experience discomfort, both physically and emotionally.  This leads to ineffective connections with others and ourselves.  We struggle to solve problems and this limits our ability to achieve our goals.

The bio-energy disciplines expand from awareness to established daily practices.  They provide an avenue of practical, pro-active problem solving through the awareness and alignment of your energy systems.  In eastern cultures, children are taught how to access this information at a very young age through practicing disciplines included in their daily school schedule.  Practices such as yoga and meditation are examples of practices related to bio-energy.

The Leadership Energy Model is not about teaching you yoga and meditation.  It is about assisting you in accessing this time-tested knowledge and allowing you to expand beyond the limits of our western thinking.  Think about how you were taught in school.  Most of us were taught from a young age to learn by thinking or reading.  Emotional and/or physical awareness were not a component of learning. Instead physical and emotional awareness were segmented into separate compartments.  Do you want to increase your physical strength?  Go to the gym.  Do you have emotional distress?  See a therapist.  However, if you wanted to include emotional and physical awareness to assist in solving problems, or look at the possible solutions from this broader perspective, impossible!  Yet, the truth is, it is through having emotional and physical awareness that we can best learn, access, and provide pro-active and effective solutions.

Let me give you an example.  You are asked to deliver an important presentation to your company’s senior leadership team.  You have done presentations before but never to this level in the organization.  The presentation is one hour away.  What are you feeling in your body and where?

Typically, when I ask this question, I hear, “I’m excited” or “I’m nervous” or “I feel like I want to throw up.”  These are statements of thought and emotion.  They usually lead to a level of awareness, but typically we are not taught to use them to create solutions.  Instead, when we experience this awareness, we usually shut it down.

What happens in your body when you are nervous? What are the clues to feeling nervous or excited?  It might be that your stomach feels queasy. Perhaps you can’t stop moving around. Or, maybe, your hands are clenched.  What is it for you?

In bio-energy strategies you would recognize the specific body reaction and you would focus on releasing and expanding the energy in that area of your body.  For example, if you were aware that your hands are clenched, you would focus on your hands and actively release and stretch your hands.  Now you are honoring your bio-energy system and using it to create a solution, rather than block or ignore its message.

Do you use bio-energy philosophies in your life or your career?  How do you use it?  What results do you find?




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