What Do You Want To Say?

How do you express yourself? Do you know what you want to say in an honest, yet tactful, way? Do you have the courage to say what you need and want to say?

When we hold ourselves back or neglect to recognize that we have something to say, we shut down an important aspect of who we are.  Being tactful is one thing.  Ignoring what you want and need to say is another.

In my book, Leadership Energy:  Unlocking the Secrets to Your Success, I describe the energy of iSpeak.  This is the ability to speak your truth.  First, you have to know what you want to say.  Then, you can craft the message so others can hear you.  (There is no excuse for being rude!)

There are two parts to iSpeak energy.  Here is the first exercise in understanding what you WANT to say?  (the second part is the action of speaking it out loud).  Here goes:


Journaling is the fastest way to open iSpeak energy. You need to understand what you want to say and have the opportunity to edit it until it accurately reflects what you will say.

  • Start with a blank piece of paper. At the top write, “what do I want to say?” Write down everything that comes to your mind. Be honest. Don’t censor a thing.
  • After you have completed all the things you “want to say”, now it is time to prepare what you will Take a second sheet of paper and write, “What I will say” on the top. Review the “want to say” items and transfer any items you believe you “will say” to this new sheet.
  • Several things might happen as you prepare the “What I will say” sheet:
    • You may have nothing you want to transfer. This is an indication that you may be fearful and need the courage to address the fear. If this is the case, you will want to go back to the Action Learning Exercise in Chapter One – iTrust.
    • You may have several items that you transfer to the will say sheet. This is the beginning of your outline for the conversation that will need to occur. Before you leave the list, ask yourself, “Is there anything I need to put on the will say list that I am avoiding because I am fearful?” If so, put this on the list.



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