Success IS the Journey!

Success is not a destination you ever reach.  Success is the quality of your journey.  -Jennifer James

Life Goes On.  Never, Never Quit.

  • Are you there yet?
  • Is there something else to accomplish?

You know how it is.  You reach a goal – yes! – and now it is time to reevaluate and set new goals – back to work!  This is not a curse.  It’s called the beauty of life.  It is what you make of it.

To be sure, life goes on and always changes, so go with it.  Celebrate, reach out and embrace life with all its possibilities.  And never, never quit.

Then you, like all successful people, will have developed the ability to find joy, satisfaction and comfort in the process of the achievement of your goals as well as the attainment of your dreams.  That’s a quality journey.  That’s Success!


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