Preparing For Success

I am the master of my fate;  I am the captain of my soul.   -William E. Henley

 Your Mind and Your Mindset. 

  • How well do you prepare yourself to obtain the results you want to achieve?
  • Why do you get the results you do today?

Yes, your actions count, but before you act, you need to think about how you feel about the goals you have set.  Your beliefs will affect your results.

For example, if you set a goal to lose weight but you secretly believe you will never achieve this goal, what do you think will happen?  Of course – the first piece of chocolate cake you see will be yours!  Yes, you have the goal, but you haven’t prepared your mind to accept the goal.

My experience shows that the biggest obstacle people face in achieving their goals is rarely external – it is usually internal in nature – YOUR BELIEFS!

Let me tell you briefly how the mind works.  You have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind.  Your conscious mind is aware of events that occur, but it is your unconscious mind that controls your conscious mind.  It interprets all the information that is received according to your beliefs, using your beliefs as a filter.  If, for example, the belief in your unconscious mind is that you will never succeed, everything it feeds to the conscious mind will be filtered through that belief.  Oh, no!  Now what do you do?

Well, the secret of the unconscious mind is that it doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality.  So if you feed it a different belief or message, it will eventually begin to filter all the information it receives through the new message.

What you need to do is to repeatedly tell your unconscious mind positive, affirming things, such as “I am a successful person.”  As you tell your mind this affirmation, your mind will begin to look for information to prove this is true.  In short, your mind will begin to believe the message and change the focus of the filter.

You can build this process by writing statements that describe who you want to be as if it were occurring right now.

Examples of affirming statements would be:

  • “I am a successful business person.”
  • “I am organized and meet my goals.”
  • “I am competent to face the challenges I meet”

The key to affirmations is writing them as if the end result is happening now, and saying them to YOU several times per day.

Write them down and post them in places where you will see them often.  You could use the pages following this section as a start.

Once you’ve developed your affirmations, stand in front of the mirror and act out what you would look like if your affirmations were true.  How would you stand?  What would you feel?  How would you move?  Show yourself the look!  Your body will begin to adapt the message as well as your mind.

Start out each day with this short exercise.  No one needs to know except you and the mirror.

Motivational tapes can also help to change the filters in your unconscious mind.  Listen to the tapes daily – even it if is only while driving to the grocery store.   The more often you hear or see the new message, the more likely it will change your unconscious filter.

What messages have you written for YOU?


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