Eating because it’s Time.

Eating triggered by Trauma.

Eating because you are Bored.

Habits around food and time, trauma and boredom will bubble to the surface if given the chance. Maybe other habits, too.

What do I mean by time habit?

Time habit is when you do something because the clock says it’s time to do it. It’s morning, so you eat breakfast. It’s 3 pm, so you have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. It’s 10.30 pm so you get ready for bed. You may or may not be hungry. You may or may not be tired.

Trauma habit is when you reach for something to comfort you because someone just yelled at you, or belittled you. Whatever happened triggered a wound within you and now you reach for a bag of chips or your gym bag. One choice is better than the other, but the trauma triggered the choice.

Boredom habit is when you make choices simply because you have nothing else to do (but we know that really is never the case). Despite the long list of to-do items, you’re bored, so, again, you reach for the Oreos and the remote.

Perhaps you’ve never thought of these things before from this vantage point.

I invite you to do so.

We all desire fulfillment. We all desire something more. We are all seeking to fill a God shaped hole within ourselves. That hole is WITHIN ourselves. So let’s look for the answer there, not in the chips or rocky road ice cream!

These habits are or may be quite subtle. It’s only when you intentionally and consciously direct your attention on something else that they are allowed to bubble up to the surface and be noticed.

Nourish Your Way Home provides a construct for you to do just that.

Nourish Your Way Home is a 21-Day guided journey that incorporates Conscious Eating, Mindful Food Choices and Observing Your Connection to the Divine. Not only will you experience food/meals differently, but the side effect will be weight loss, decreased inches, habits exposed and replaced as well as a stronger sense of self and your connection to everything around you. You will experience yourself as a part of the greater whole.
And when you have this new awareness, you can be a better leader, visionary, contributor in your business, your workplace, and your family. Truly there is no down side!
If you are ready to find TRUE nourishment, both inside and outside, join me on this remarkable journey.

If you are ready to kick your eating habits up a notch or two, join me.

If you are ready to be a better version of yourself, join me!

I believe as our food quality continues to decline, awareness of how our food choices impacts the body and the spirit is crucial. I also believe your spirit is crying out for Nourishment. I’d like you to experience to correlation.

Join Marita July 13 – August 1 for this transforming journey.

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Marita Rahlenbeck has been mentoring and serving others on their quest for spiritual wholeness and physical health improvement for 15 years. To learn more click here visit her website.


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