New Year’s survival kit

Who could have predicted the changes coming our way in 2013?  The changes that began in 2013 are predicted to continue in 2014.  So, we thought we would provide a 2014 Survival Kit to enhance your life and your career!

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1.  Take Time:  Time is that valuable commodity which we have complete control, yet only comes in a limited supply.  Spending some of that time on you is critical to improving stress, balance and change solutions. Plan time, at least weekly, where you can relax, let go of the stresses and restore your energy.

2. Gain Focus:  It is easy to get distracted with all the changes, uncertainty and demands of life.  In the midst of all the uncertainty and demands, make sure you have clearly declared your focus.  This includes your talents, your desires and your goals.  Gain and keep the focus on a daily basis in your thoughts and actions. This will lead to your success and progress no matter what the world and life brings.  In my last webinar, 30 minutes 3 Energy Tools, I provided practical tools to assist you in gaining focus. You might find the tools an important addition for you.

3.  Take Charge:  Some of us have a hard time understanding that we cannot control the world, we can only control the choices we make.  Sometimes we can’t even control the caused of our heartburn and anxiety BUT we can make the choice to take care of the symptoms.  Recognize the choices you can make and make them!  Take charge of what you can and let go of the rest.

What tips would you add to this list?


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