Leadership Presence: Trust

Leadership is action, not position!  Everyone can be a leader.  It is about the presence you build and the choices you make that create the desire for others to follow or support your positions.

Throughout this month, I will focus on Leadership Presence, using the components of The Leadership Energy Model to give you the tools you need to create greater confidence, focus and results.  Today’s blog will focus on Trust.

Trust is the foundational element to all leadership actions and relationships.  It begins with trusting yourself and believing that you are capable to solve whatever comes your way.  It is through trusting yourself that you begin to trust others.  Here are three key ingredients to build trust.

1.  Set your mindset

No matter what is happening in your life, you have successfully solved issues in the past and can solve this issue now.  One of the coaching questions I often asked is “how have you solved something like this in the past?”  By understanding your pattern for successfully solving issues, you can repeat that pattern now.

2.  Avoid fear

Fear restricts the energy you need to create trust in yourself and others.  We are often taught to ignore the fear and rationalize why we can or cannot do something.  Embrace your fear.  Soothe your fear.  What would you do with a small child who is fearful? Chances are that you would reassure that child and let them know that everything will be ok. Do the same thing for yourself.

3.  Ground yourself

Trust comes from feeling “steady on our feet”.  When we are unable to create trust for ourselves or others, chances are pretty good that your busy brain is distracting you or creating concerns that add to fear and worry.  The term “grounding” refers to a physical way to break the busy brain.  Feel your feet on the ground.  Feel the support of the earth.  Focus on the present moment and you can decide the next step.  Trust the next step will lead you down the right path.

Imagine what it looks like when you are trusting yourself and grounded in the present moment.  Imagine how others see you.  Imagine how your leadership presence expands and draw those who can and will follow and support you……..


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