Leadership Presence: Purpose

  • You were born to be on a life path.
  • Every person you work with was born to be on a life path.
  • Our leadership journey is to discover our purpose and continually edit as we learn and grow.

WHAT!!  What are you talking about Cheryl??!!??

I know….I even struggled to write this blog as I struggle to find the works to describe a leader’s presence as being about purpose.  But, here goes….

Think of a great leader you admire.  Did they show a sense of purpose?  Could you describe their “life path”?

What I do know is that our purpose, our life path, is continually evolving.  By using these three steps, you become clearer with defining and identifying your purpose.

  1. Write down what you think your purpose is right now.  “I don’t know.”  Well, write down what you do know.  I bet there are things you know it is NOT as well as things you know it is.
  2. Plan time to step back and review.  Look behind before you look ahead.  What has your path shown you so far?  What is the next best step?
  3. Permission to fail. Permission to learn.  It is a path….one step at a time.  What are you seeing and learning?

I would love to hear your thoughts to these questions.  If you wish to share, email me cheryl@TheLeadershipEnergy.com and I promise to respond!



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