Leadership Presence: Innovation

Jacqueline Byrd, author of the book Voice of the Innovator says..


we were all innovators. But along the way, something happened to that little innovator—that child in all of us. To find it again requires that we reignite that inner child and get our voice back. Getting our innovator’s voice back can change not only our personal lives but the contributions we make to the organizations, companies, and the world in which we live.

So, how do we get that child-like innovative voice back?

  1. Be playful – How did you used to play as a kid?  Was it loud and noisy with lots of friends?  Or quiet, by yourself or with a small group?  Was it building or fantasizing?  How you played as a kid can give you ideas how to “play” now.
  2. Be curious – As grown-ups we evaluate and analyze – but think about kids.  Kids are curious and explore.  How do you remain curious with permission to explore?
  3. Doodle – We often need to turn off our brain and allow space for new ideas to emerge.  Doodling keeps the brain occupied while allowing the child-like voice to come out and play.

Do you have other ideas about being innovative?  I would love to hear how you remain child-like and open to innovative ideas.  Post your comments below.




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