Leadership Presence: Connection

“Use your influence to lift them up.”  Ryan Alexander

I used to believe that leadership was about how I could perform for others.  It created great stress for me as I was continually concerned about if people liked me and worried about saying the “right” things at the “right” time.

Have you ever experienced similar kinds of worry and concern?  How has it effected you as a leader?

Leadership presence asks us to be willing to connect and share ourselves with others.  I love the quote “Use your influence to lift them up.”  What if you and I allowed ourself to connect to others in order to help both of us to achieve greater success in both of our lives?  Once I moved to seeing leadership as a connection for equal success, my success and the success of others expanded.

Here are three steps to expanding your connection presence:

1.  Find joy and pleasure in day to day activities.

We can find ourselves so busy that we push away people in our frantic pace of getting things done.  What if we slowed down found pleasure in the activities we encountered?  How do you feel when you experience someone who slows down and finds the opportunities in the moment?  How do you feel when you experience someone who is rushed and stressed?  See what I mean?  What type of leader/person do you want to be for you, your family, your friends and your co-workers.

2.  Take time for yourself to be in balance.

We hear a great deal about work/life balance.  Balance is important but does not often require massive amounts of time.  Taking a walk. Enjoying your morning ritual of showering, dressing, etc.  Take a nap.  Spend time on a hobby you like to do.  All of these lead to keeping yourself in balance.

3.  Find people who support and encourage you.

Who do you have in your life that supports and encourages you?  When I was focused on performing for others and worrying about their opinion of me, it was hard for me to allow myself to be cared for by others.  As I let go of that focus, I was able to share with others what I needed.  Do you share this with me?  What could you do to find and allow others to support and encourage you?


For additional information and support in expanding your Leadership Presence: Connection, you might enjoy the Ignite Your Leadership Energy series.


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