Identifying Your Quilt Work

In my book, Leadership Energy:  Unlocking the Secrets to Your Success, the energy of iTrust assists you in believing in yourself and your ability to solve the problems you encounter.

ITrust energy increases every time you take an action that aligns with your purpose. Dr. Beatrice Berry, author of I’m On My Way But Your Foot Is On My Head, states, “When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny.”

What is your purpose? Why do you get out of bed every morning? Define what you want this life to be. Every day is a clean slate and an opportunity to do one thing to honor and live your purpose.

You can only do this if you are free of fear and grounded in today. It is like sewing a quilt. A beautiful quilt takes time and patience. We need to cut each block, sew each seam and with time, it becomes a work of art.

Patience is often the struggle of high achievers. By recognizing each day as your “quilt work”, you stay grounded in the present, trust your unique contributions, and create the purpose driven success you desire and deserve.


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