How To Take Your Leadership Energy Temperature

“ If leadership is the act of going beyond what is…it begins by going beyond what is in ourselves.”  Kevin Cashman, Leadership from Inside Out, 2008.

Beyond what is within ourselves….hmmmm…what does that mean?

I can tell you what it means to me.  It means understanding what is happening to me at this moment, the impact it is having on others, and making a choice to continue, stop or start whatever it is I am doing.

There are so many directions I could take this leadership conversation, but for today’s blog I am going to focus on taking your leadership energy temperature.  Otherwise known as, “what is happening to me at this moment.”

Do you ever find that you are so wrapped up in getting things done that you become oblivious to what you are thinking, feeling and what you are experiencing physically?  It is one of the foundational skills I work with in my leadership coaching – being an observer of YOU.

When you were a child, chances are you were very aware of your thoughts, feelings and physical conditions.  And you might have been very quick to tell others without filtering anything.  Have you ever heard a small child in church or a store say, “Mommy my but hurts” in a very loud voice?  Their parents grimace while those seated nearby chuckle.

As we “grow up”, we learn when and where to share our personal reflections.  We build filters to our information.  Now don’t get me wrong, filters are good.  But when filters screen out our own awareness, we limit our ability to be effective humans and effective leaders.  We sacrifice this awareness thinking it will help us perform better and receive recognition and rewards from others.  Now, we don’t do this intentionally.  It is the result of choices and conditioning caused by “growing up”.

You might be saying, “huh?  Not sure I follow you, Cheryl.”  So, before I get to the “how to”, let me explain a bit further.

Research shows that the most effective leaders are authentic with high integrity.  Definition of authentic:  real or genuine; not copied or false.  Definition of integrity:  the quality of being honest; the state of being whole.  If you can’t be real, genuine and honest with yourself, you will never be with others. Measuring your leadership energy temperature at any point in time is one way to improve your ability to observe yourself.

Now for the steps on how to take your leadership energy temperature.

1.  At selected moments during the day, schedule the “take your temperature” time.  My suggestion:  first thing in the morning; lunch (hopefully, you take one) and on your way home.

2.  Ask yourself:

  • What is happening in my body?
  • What am I feeling?
  • What am I thinking?

That’s it!  Now you may be wondering what do I do once I answer these questions.  Taking your temperature is the act of awareness.  Awareness itself can often create powerful choices and shifts in your energy.


For more tips and tools on what to do once you create awareness, listen to the recorded webinar, BE The Leader You Were Meant To BE. Click here for more information.


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