11490ebI have benefited from Cheryl’s wisdom and insights on several occasions over many years. She is full of energy without going overboard, full of ideas without overwhelming you, empathetic without being sappy, and intelligent without being intimidating. More than once in my life, she has really turned things around for me to great effect. She is one person I know I can rely on when the going gets really tough.

Steven Vetter

Computer Solutions, LLC 


What Cheryl brings to the coaching/training/consulting party is the rare ability to tune out everything and focus on her clients. As I experienced in my time spent with her, she is an incredible listener and has the ability to bring a lot of important clarity to any dialogue.

As the owner of my firm, she well understood what is takes to brand ourselves, build consistent business/revenue streams, and helped me remove my impediments that all seem to find their way into our paths. Quite frankly, I found that combination to not only be refreshing but very compelling.

Cheryl was able to quickly provide focus, clarity, and expand my thinking beyond what I came with prior to meeting her. Therefore, in my view she really delivered. We all need wingwomen and wingmen who can guide us through the fog. A lot of people try to wear the hat of a coach but come up short. Cheryl is a first-rate professional that will immediately make you comfortable regardless of the circumstances, and I highly recommend her work and professional services.”

Mark Faris
MPV Ethics

Lisa B-W[1]Even company CEOs get stuck. Cheryl has been an invaluable resource in helping me recognize and change old habits and beliefs that had me stuck in the past. She’s adept at helping you recognize and be accountable for your own stuff — and she’s downright artful at helping even the most resistant, high-achieving leaders focus on what matters most … day to day, quarter to quarter and over the long haul.

Lisa Hannum
President, Beehive PR

Cheryl guided me through a challenging transition as a business owner. I was in the midst of evaluating and restructuring my entire company and dealing with the stress associated with that. She identified my strengths as a leader and together we developed strategies to ensure that my energy remains positive, forward focused and driven towards positive growth for me as a leader and ultimately for my company.

Michele B.
CEO of creative agency

Mary Christensen 9.2011The results of our time together has impacted me a number of ways, both personal and professional. I was able to get a clear focus on my personal priorities and put together a plan to help guide me to meeting my own expectations. Professionally your guidance helped me gain the confidence to lead my company to the next level. I was able to work through a very tough situation, make the decision I needed to that ultimately has led me and my company to a better place.

Mary Christensen
President, Experienced Resources

Chad n peytWorking with Cheryl to complete and review the Highland’s Ability Battery, was a very helpful experience when I made a position change in my current organization. It confirmed a few things that were leading us to make the change in the first place, and also helped us avoid making me responsible for things that didn’t align with my strengths. Without this, we could’ve easily wasted a lot of time and money, as we have in the past with other employees.

Chad Nyberg
VP Business Development, PCS Renew

Cheryl has the incredible gift of helping her clients sift through murky waters and emerge on the other side with a clear and focused vision. Cheryl is extremely empathetic and able to help her clients process complex situations, discuss alternatives, and make decisions. Cheryl has been a tremendous help to me as a business owner. I have taken her advice and am moving forward in a very exciting new direction. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone interested in improving and streamlining their life and their business.

Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC
Founder, Professional Services Marketing, Inc.

As a result of my work with Cheryl, I gained a new depth of understanding and appreciation for my natural talents and abilities, the type of professional setting where those could be maximized for the benefit of the organization, and for my own success and fulfillment. This allowed me to articulate others what I bring to an organization, and what I am looking for from an organization/career. Personally the discovery process provided a new level of empowerment and a new clarity of direction for myself professional and personally. I am clear and in action for what is next.

Patrick Maloney
General Manager, Data Print Distribution

Cheryl is an organizational development specialist with a wealth of experience and resources.

Tom Motzel
Owner, Tesserae Group, Inc.

Cheryl is an insightful, supportive and inspiring executive coach.

She was also very helpful in resolving conflict between myself and my boss.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Christine Capra

Cheryl is an innovative instructor with a very detailed knowledge of leadership. I would highly recommend her to any potential future clients.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Brandon Churchill

Cheryl provided expert mentoring throughout the writing of my book, Back to School for Grownups. Cheryl stuck with me through stops and starts, offering gentle guidance each step of the way. I always knew she would be there to listen and offer hands-on, practical assistance when I was ready. When I was feeling very chaotic and unfocused, Cheryl was able to help me sort through the clutter, refocus and move forward.

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Laura H Gilbert
Back To School for Grown-ups

Cheryl did a fabulous job of coordinating the recent ‘From Staff to Partner Summit.’ I had the privilege of being one of the presenters, and I was so impressed with her attention to detail and the way she communicated everything to us. Most importantly, she wanted to set each of us up for success so that we felt comfortable and excited to be a part of the process. She was always available and always there to cheer us on. Cheryl exuded professionalism, compassion, gentleness, wisdom, integrity, industry expertise, and fun! Anyone who works with Cheryl will be richly blessed.

Michelle Stimpson
Coaching for Professional Women, LifeShine®