The Highlands Ability Battery

Learn How To Work From Your Real Strengths

We were all born with a unique set of natural talents. Understanding these natural abilities makes day-to-day problem solving, decision making, planning and communications not only more effective, but more precise and goal-oriented.


At the end of this assessment you will understand:

  • Your Natural Abilities and how to use them.
  • How you learn best.
  • How you solve problems/make decisions most effectively.
  • What roles and tasks could be particularly difficult for you.
  • What kind of interpersonal environment uses your abilities best.
  • How your abilities impact your job/school performance.
  • What roles and tasks might be particularly easy for you to do.


Research has shown that certain kinds of tasks use certain patterns of abilities. Research has also shown rather conclusively that if a person works in a way that matches his or her individual ability pattern, the chances of being successful and more satisfied increase markedly. If you know and understand your natural ability pattern, you are able to use that knowledge to work more effectively. Knowing and understanding natural abilities is the first crucial step in developing Focused Vision.

The Highlands Ability Battery is a set of 19 validated, objective worksamples that tell you what your natural abilities and talents are. Abilities are areas of natural or inborn strength. They include ways we learn, communicate, make decisions and solve problems, work with objects, and use our mental and creative talents. The Highlands Ability Battery assesses your natural abilities by means of individual worksamples. The assessment is not like other kinds of tests. You cannot prepare for it because it is not learned material. There is no pass or fail. All scores, both high and low, relate to individual ability patterns rather than defining “good” or “bad” scores. From this assessment, you find out how you naturally work best and what your real strengths are regardless of the type of work you do.

Typical Questions

About The Highlands Ability Battery

What are abilities?
Abilities are what you’re naturally good at. They are not learned skills. The trick is knowing exactly what they are. That is what The Highlands Ability Battery is designed to tell you.

How do your measure abilities?
The only way to measure abilities objectively is by means of worksamples. It is an actual task that has been specially constructed to use one ability and one ability only. No prior education, training, or experience gives anyone an advantage.

Don’t I already know what my abilities are?
Not really. School and work typically use only a few natural abilities. It’s exceedingly difficult to tell from grades, scholastic tests, or job performance just what your real abilities are. You could have a very strong natural talent for something and never know it. Knowing exactly what your strongest natural abilities are helps you work in a way that utilizes them best.

So if I know my abilities, is that enough?
Knowing and understanding abilities is almost immediately useful for most people. Knowing and understanding abilities is the first step in gaining a vision for your career. To gain a whole vision for your career, you need to take into account not only abilities, but also interests, skills, personal style, family of origin, values, goals and developmental stage. A positive, focused vision for the future – has been found by researchers to be the most powerful predictor of both success and career satisfaction – more than intelligence, education or socio-economic background.

Investment:  $600 includes the assessment and 2 hour coaching session to review the results.

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