Does Economic Recession Mean Career Vision Recession?

In my conversations with individuals over the last several months a common theme has occurred.  Many have said, “In light of the economic times, I need to put my own Career Vision on hold.”  Does Economic Recession mean a Career Vision Recession?

If Career Vision were a one-time situation or event, I would agree with that statement.  HOWEVER, Career Vision process and creation is much like growing a garden.  We can’t stop the pruning, watering, weeding, hoeing, general care and feeding.  If we do the garden dies and we have to start all over.  During a drought, we water more.  This is the similar to the way to frame what needs to happen with your Career Vision during a recessionary time.  You may need to focus on the tactical and practical.  If you are unemployed and needing to put food on the table, practical choices may need to be made.  But the movement towards your vision or defining of your vision can continue on.

Following are some tips to keeping your Career Vision “garden” growing during recessionary times:

1.  Don’t stop.  Don’t let the garden die.  If you have a defined vision, post it.  If you have been in the process of creating one, continue to journal, reflect and define the wisdom you are gaining to be added to the vision.

2.  Let this be a time to simplify and clarify.  Sometimes, changes in world events can create new information and time to refocus our thinking.  In the midst of high pace, tread-mill living, we add clutter rather than focus.  Now can be the time to focus, simplify and clarify.

3.  Awareness.  Be an observer.  What is happening with the changing economic world that gives you additional information about you and your vision?

4.  Learn to build patience and hope.  “I want it.  I want it all.  And I want it NOW”.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world operated on our agenda? Unfortunately, it sometimes does not.  Patience and hope will lead you to the results you desire – but only if you know what results you seek.  How can you know what doors have opened if you don’t know what doors you are looking for?  Know the doors (your vision)   and then be awake to when the doors open.  They may happen when you least expect.


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