Distract Your Mind, Open Your Intuition

In my book, Leadership Energy:  Unlocking the Secrets to Your Success, I describe the iSee energy.  The iSee energy is not about eyesight. It is about intuition. What is intuition? Does the definition roll off your tongue? Or do you “know it when you see it”.

Webster’s definition of intuition is the “ability to understand something without the need for conscious reasoning.” The challenge with this definition is, if conscious reasoning is not involved, then how do you teach someone intuition?

Here is a fun exercise to see if you can distract your mind to open your intuition.

  1. Get a deck of cards. Any deck of cards will do – you can use playing cards or cards from a game.
  2. Identify an issue you wish to explore and put it in terms of a question using the format, “Is it correct for me to (insert issue)?” For example: The issue might be a leadership challenge with an employee. The question you might ask is “Is it correct for me to fire Suzie?”
  3. With that question in mind, begin to flip each card face up. You can neatly stack the cards or simply throw them in a pile.
  4. While flipping the cards, speak out loud your responses to the question. Keep talking until you believe you are done with the question. Do you run out of cards before you were done? Simply gather the cards and begin again.
  5. When you are done, write down what you have said. Is there anything useful?

The intent is to distract your left-brain through flipping the cards. Your right brain then has the opportunity to “speak.” Talking out loud is most effective for this exercise, but you can also do this silently if conditions warrant. If your iSee energy has been taught to doubt itself and shut down, you may need to repeat this exercise frequently to encourage the opening of the iSee energy.



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