Developing winners

My position is this:  Profits and growth are about performance and performance is about people.  Therefore, invest in people.  Invest in people because this is potentially a highly leveraged investment.

In my work as a leadership development expert, I work with many individuals who are winners.  But a winner, like any champion, is bound to have one or two vulnerabilities that could hold them back or even knock them out of the game.  Any professional, whether athlete or businessperson, can have just one small thing wrong with their game but, without fixing it, they won’t perform at a championship level.  In fact, champions require expert and intensive coaching.  My book, Leadership Energy – Unlocking the Secrets to Your Success, provides very practical and targeted tools to general the confidence, focus and results that these winners need.

On the flip-side of this issue of high-performance behavior, either culture or management can screw up a player’s game if they don’t know how to handle the person psychologically.  Fast-trackers and potential champions are often like thoroughbreds — lots of determination and flash and speed — but they can also be sensitive, reactive, and quirky.  So, they’re frequently more demanding and difficult to handle than the more ordinary performer.  And, quite typically, you won’t get championship performance out of them if you’re not managing them with finesse; and each one’s different!

Consequently, I advise my clients to beware that with even the best of their players, slumps will happen.

As a result, I suggest that you:

  • Be prepared for slumps — be vigilant
  • Catch problems early on — early communication and early correction avoid issues that build.
  • Be honest early and often — don’t be overly patient and tolerant and then blow a gasket
  • Don’t throw in the towel and don’t make it worse — the problem is fixable, so fix it!  And,  forget quick fixes.


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