Core Passion Coaching Process

Career / Professional coaching starts with a Discovery Journey . . . a personal consultation about your Core Passion® Assessment results. This initial session (either in person or on the phone) offers a deeper interpretation of your assessment and the application to your career and your life. This session takes you on an exploration of where you’ve been and where you want to go. We look at what drives your career and business, as well as what drives your life and relationships.

Leitschuh, CherylWebVersionandSmallBN CARDThe Discovery Journey starts to put words to the energy that drives you and gives you tools to observe the different aspects of your Core Passion® Codes, such as the gift and the challenge. Your greatest gift is also your greatest challenge. When you’re in the challenge of your Core Passion® Codes, you often find yourself repeating certain behaviors over and over again. I can give you the tools and knowledge and teach you the skills to use the gifts of this powerful energy force to move you forward to achieve your target goals – your intentions.

Upon completion of this process, you will have a clear understanding of whyyou do what you do in your personal and professional life. My clients have found that once they learned the language of their inner spirit, they were able to redirect their energy in a more productive way to accomplish their goals.

Using the Passion Vision Action process, we create a 90 day plan to work together. Each plan is customized to what you want and where you are going – in your career and your life.

  1. Discover your Passion
  2. Create your Vision
  3. Apply your Action Plan to make it all happen

If you’re ready . . . I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you. Call me at 651-398-7151 for pricing and customized packages.


The Adventure begins. . .