Confusion: Time to Refocus

Our world seems confused right now!  Should we move forward or stay right where we are? Who knows the answers?

Confusion is an opportunity to stop and refocus.  It is a warning signal our mind sends us saying “HELP! Do something different!”  So what does our brain want and how can we refocus?

Here are 7 steps to assist this process.

1.  STOP  The definition of insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  So STOP the insanity!

2. WRITE  Put all the scrambled thoughts onto paper.  Would you rather be swept up in the churn of the tornado or safely watch the event from the next town?  By writing your thoughts, you remove yourself from the “churn” and can look at the confusion from a safe distance.

3.  IDENTIFY  Now you can safely look at your thoughts and begin to identify categories that are creating the confusion.  Often it is not as undaunting a list as we think it is when we stop the “churn”.

4.  RATE  Take each area and rate it based on your ability to impact the outcome.  In other words, by taking action are you in charge of creating the results you desire or does someone else hold the power?  You will find that some areas are in your control and some are not.

5.  CHOOSE  Choose an area you can control and then develop a plan of action.

6.  DO  Implement your plan.  By taking steps in one area you may find that results happen in other areas.  It is almost magical!

7.  EVALUATE  Once you are on your way, you can go back and chose another area OR recognize the success you achieved and what you have learned to make the process better next time


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