Challenges that interfere with effective communication

Following is a list of typical challenges that interfere with effective communication.  Mark the response that most closely matches your typical behavior.  Be honest!!

  Usually Occasionally Seldom
  1.  When speaking with an associate, I finish his/her sentences.
  1.  I interrupt an associate who explains something to me before he/she has finished speaking.
  1.  I ask questions to ensure I understand.
  1.  I am quick to defend myself if an associated complains to me about something I have done or not done.
  1.  I look beyond the words the speaker is using to mannerisms and tone.
  1.  If I’m not interested in my conversation partner’s topic it shows in my facial/body expressions.
  1.  I can remain neutral and not be prejudiced in my reactions to a speaker.
  1.  I get distracted easily when I should be listening.
  1.  I can remain calm even if the speaker is angry.
  1.  I anticipate what the speaker will say and I stop listening.
  1.  I make quick judgments while listening.
  1.  I leave a discussion and find I cannot remember what my discussion partner said.


All of these symptoms can be remedied by practicing active listening skills!!


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