Can I Trust You?

Life happens at the speed of trust.  So does your career, your relationships, your leadership and your organization.  Trust is the foundation of everything you do in your life.

WOW!  That’s a pretty big statement.  You bet!!  After years of working with leaders, organizations and experiencing my own life lessons, I can make this statement with confidence that it is true.

So, what is trust and how do you build it?  I believe that trust is built by managing our promises to ourselves and others.  Let’s start with managing the promises to ourself.  (I’ll tackle manage promises to others in a future blog post.)

What types of promises do you make to yourself?  Can you even answer that without struggle?  If you can, skip the next paragraph.  If you can’t, read on.

You need to seriously ponder this question:  What promises do I need to make to myself?  Don’t rush the answer.  Simply allow yourself to listen to the answers that show up for you.

Once you know what promises you can make to yourself, then you need to manage those promises.  Let me tell you the story of Stephanie.  In my book, Leadership Energy – Unlocking The Secrets to Your Success, you meet Stephanie in chapter one, iTrust.  Stephanie worries a lot.  She lacks confidence in herself and looks to others to validate her, even though she is a high performer in her organization.  She realizes this does not serve her well and she is tired of worrying.

Does this sound like you?  Worry is a sign that you are not trusting yourself and your ability to “figure things out” no matter what comes your way.  What promise could you make yourself to ease your worry and increase the trust in yourself?

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Email me and I promise to respond promptly to your message.


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