Can I Have What I Want?

“Can I have what I want?”  I don’t know.  What do you want?

I work with so many people who say “I never get what I want”.  I then ask “What do you want?” They often have a hard time telling me what they want….

WELL!  If you can’t articulate what you want, you probably can’t have it.

SO, here is an exercise from my book Leadership Energy:  Unlocking the Secrets to Your Success that is designed to help you answer that question. (note:  iAchieve energy is the source for focusing and achieving your dreams and desires.  iAchieve energy is a component of The Leadership Energy Model.)


This action learning exercise focuses on the iAchieve energy. The physical location for the iAchieve energy is located above the navel at the base of your rib cage. The emotional energy that either opens, becomes blocked, or closes is centered in this area.

Before you begin, focus your awareness on this area. Suggestions to add focus include: holding your hand over this area, looking in the mirror specifically observing this area, or using a word or two to describe the feelings in this area before you begin.

Now it is time for you to work on these three questions: What do I want in my career? What talents do I bring? Where to from here?

  1. This will be a writing exercise. Make sure you have plenty of paper!
  2. Review the list below and write down any ideas or thoughts you have as you think about each category. For example, begin with Career Development. What have you learned from past experiences that help you make better choices today? You might answer, “I like to work alone,” or “I can’t work in large organizations.” Simply write down whatever comes to mind. You will want to review each item on the list. Take time to think and reflect but always write it down. No judgments. No right or wrong. Write it all down. Here is the list:
  • Career Development: What have you learned from your past experience that leads you to better choices. Observe patterns to what you enjoyed and what you didn’t enjoy. Include your childhood, your teenage years and your adult life.
  • Abilities: What comes natural and easy to you. The hardwiring of how you operate.
  • Skills: What you have learned. The software you have added to your knowledge base.
  • Interests: The things that bring you passion and enjoyment.
  • Personal Style: Your style, personality, temperament, and the environment you need to honor this style.
  • Beliefs: What beliefs you hold about success, career, achieving life fulfillment, etc. Often these come from your family of origin. What beliefs move you forward and what beliefs hold you back.
  • Values: Those guiding forces that are key to your life decisions.
  • Goals: What you want to achieve.
  1. Once you have completed brainstorming in all areas, gather three sheets of paper. On the first sheet, write the question on the top, “What do I want?” On the second sheet, write, “What do I bring?” And finally, on the third sheet, “Where to from here?’
  2. Now review your list of brainstormed items. As you look at each item, decide under which question the item belongs. Think of these sheets as collection areas to gather relevant thoughts to each question. You may find an item that could fit under two of the questions. If so, put it in both spots. For example, “I like to be organized,” might fit under what you want (e.g. an organized environment) and what you bring (e.g. I am organized).
  3. Once you have sorted your thoughts under each question, now begin to write the answer to each question until it states what you want it to say. The items on each sheet of paper should guide you to write a statement or paragraph that honors who you are. Remember: No judgment. There is no right or wrong.
  4. Your ultimate goal is to combine the answers to all three questions into a one-page document. Length is not the critical measurement; clarity is. This will be a document for you! Eventually, you may decide to share all or parts of this with others. But, most importantly, write the first version for you.


So, tell me what you want!  Email me



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