Are You “Connected” To Yourself?

Do you pay attention to YOU so you can more effectively use your own mind, body and spirit to answer the opportunities and challenges throughout your day?

In my book, Leadership Energy:  Unlocking the Secrets to Your Success, I discuss the important of being connected to YOU before you can be connected to others.  Here is an exercise to ground yourself in YOU!

  1. From the following list of activities, choose one you can incorporate in your daily life. Here is the list.  (note:  you may be already doing these, but have not recognized the importance and ability to USE this to actively connect to YOU.)
    • Long, warm showers or baths
    • Working on creative projects
    • Bike riding along the river
    • Afternoon naps
    • Swimming
    • Massages


  1. Include this activity in your daily life for thirty days and observe the impact on you and your body. For example, an easy choice may be a long, warm shower or bath each day. What most people typically do is to take a daily shower with little focus on the experience of the shower. You probably focus on planning your day or solving an issue while taking that bath or shower. For the thirty-day period, remove all other thoughts, and focus on the feeling of the warm shower. Nurture and care for yourself as you shower.
  2. Journal your reactions each day. It may be only a sentence of two. That’s fine. Just write your reactions. Note: the reactions might be negative, as well as positive. No judgment. Simply complete the activity and journal your reactions for thirty days.
  3. After thirty days review your journal and decide if this is an activity you wish to continue. If so, carry on! If not, choose another activity and repeat the exercise again for thirty days. Continue until you find the activities that provide you simple joy and pleasure.



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